Integrated global campaigning

Integrated global campaigning

Portland specialises in integrated media and political campaigns

We bring cross-functional teams together, combining public affairs, communications, stakeholder engagement and digital specialists.

We protect and promote our clients’ reputations through distinctive and compelling campaigns.

We work with our clients to shape the policy environment to help them succeed.

We help organisations, business leaders and high-profile individuals tell their story clearly and successfully.

Portland is expert in managing reputations through strategic communications programmes involving the international media and wider stakeholders.

We work for some of the world’s major brands, leading NGOs, high-profile individuals and governments.

We have a successful track record of devising and delivering global communication campaigns. We are expert in managing the reputations of our clients by engaging the international media and communicating directly to their audiences.

We are campaigners — changing opinions and delivering supporters. We know how to create the media groundswell that influences policy-makers and engages consumers.

We bring a broad spectrum of campaigning to our work, from canvassing door-to-door, to building support for planning applications at a local level, or bringing together national coalitions to drive change in Government.