Crisis and issues

Crisis and issues

Portland’s team have helped political and corporate clients through dozens of high profile crises – and have prevented many more becoming public

In our experience, most people look back on a crisis and wish they had done more at the beginning to take control. Hoping it all goes away is a strategy destined to fail.

Instead, our clients need the ability to shape the debate. This makes it crucial to develop the ability to make decisions rapidly. We are able to create and manage operations at short notice combining opinion polling, research, legal advice and third-party outreach, as well as 24/7 media handling around the world.

Portland provide a fully integrated crisis and issues communications service. Our crisis simulation solution, Simulo, allows teams to stress test crisis communications and social media PR plans in real time.

Our crisis management also extends to issues surrounding complex legal disputes. Our specialist Disputes Unit provides clients with calm, quick and clear advice on how and what to communicate to employees, investors, customers, media and public bodies, helping them stay focused on what matters.