Place branding

Place branding

We work with municipal, regional, and national governments to improve their global reputations and help them succeed in achieving their international priorities.

We develop evidence-based strategies that allow clients to establish a stronger global brand, making them more competitive in the race for investment, talent, and tourism, as well as a greater voice in addressing today’s complex multilateral issues.

Our place branding practice prioritises research, strategy, and tangible action. Effective place branding requires much more than slick brand identities and snappy campaigns. Portland takes an analytical approach, using soft power – the ability to achieve objectives through attraction and persuasion – as a framework for understanding, measuring, strengthening and leveraging the global reputation of cities, regions, and countries.

Portland’s proprietary soft power analytics give our clients an unrivalled insight into their global reputation, and provides innovative approaches to solving challenges and exploiting opportunities.

With governments at every level of authority facing a more competitive and complex global context, the relative strength of a place’s ‘brand’ has never been more important to its success. Building on Portland’s strong track-record of advising governments, we provide clients with a comprehensive approach to building a stronger global brand, from research and analysis to strategy and policy, through to the full complement of branding and marketing services.

Working closely with our clients we help them weave and project a clear and compelling global narrative by effectively linking research, strategy, policy, creativity, communications and campaign implementation. By building better brands, we help build more successful, prosperous, and valued places.