Philanthropy is an industry worth more than $50 billion.

There are more people and causes that benefit from philanthropy than ever before. From global slavery to climate change, every conceivable issue has its champion and its promise of funds.

And so it is harder than ever before for philanthropists to set themselves apart and drive discussion around the causes that matter.

From the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the Kofi Annan Foundation, Portland supports some of the world’s top philanthropists to do just that.

We advise on communications strategy to ensure that our clients’ messages cut through from the outset. We develop innovative and engaging content to explain the difference that philanthropic efforts make, reaching audiences across the globe.

We’re experienced in helping some of the biggest philanthropic organisations communicate in the most challenging environments. We’re as global as our clients – and can ensure we have a team of consultants deployed to support your organisation where and when you need it most.