Digital Diplomacy and Lebanon’s most connected

Earlier in November, Portland released How the Middle East Tweets – the most comprehensive map to date of Twitter connectivity between influencers across the Middle East. By analysing influencers across the region, Portland was able to rank top users in terms of how many other key tweeters in the Middle East follow them.

How the Middle East Tweets was run between July and September 2012. The original findings of How the Middle East Tweets can be found here.

Today, speaking at an event on digital diplomacy in Beirut, Portland’s Jimmy Leach reveals further findings from the study.

The research found that Saad Hariri, the former Lebanese Prime Minister, is the most connected Twitter user in the country. Not only is Hariri followed by over 215,000 people on Twitter, he is also connected to nearly 100 other key influencers tracked by Portland’s study.

In second place is the Arab-British journalist Sherine Tadros, closely followed by current Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

A list of the top 50 most connected Twitter users in Lebanon can be found below.

The study also reveals that:

  • One in ten of the Middle East’s most connected Twitter users are based in Lebanon
  • #Lebanon was one of the most commonly-used hashtags among the most connected in the Middle East, along with #Bahrain and #Syria
  • Nearly three quarters of Lebanon’s most connected Twitter users are from the media
  • Organisations are far more active on Twitter in Lebanon than in the region
  • Egypt’s Twitter users have the most connections in the region, followed closely by those in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon

Jimmy Leach, Senior Digital Advisor at Portland, said: “Public diplomacy is now digital by default. Any government wishing to talk to the citizens and governments of foreign countries would do so through digital means, most often using social media.”

The event, at the American University of Beirut, is focused on digital diplomacy and the use of social media by governments. The discussion will be moderated by Jimmy Leach and includes comments from Tom Fletcher, British Ambassador to Lebanon, and Alec Ross, Senior Advisor for Innovation to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Suggested hashtag: #MidEastTweets

Top 50 most connected Twitter users in Lebanon
1 @HaririSaad Saad Hariri
2 @SherineT Sherine Tadros
3 @Najib_Mikati Najib Mikati
4 @TrellaLB Imad Bazzi
5 @Beirutspring Mustapha Hamoui
6 @Shadaomar Shada Omar
7 @NadaAbdelsamad Nada Abdelsamad
8 @Naharnet Naharnet
9 @RulaAmin Rula Amin
10 @HMATomFletcher Tom Fletcher
11 @NOW_eng NOW English
12 @alihashem_tv Ali Hashem
13 @SleimanMichel Michel Sleiman
14 @BeirutCalling Michael Young
15 @DailyStarLeb The Daily Star
16 @STLebanon STL
17 @woodenbeirut Josh Wood
18 @ZeinakhodrAljaz Zeina Khodr
19 @antoine_haddad Antoine Haddad
20 @javierespinosa2 JAVIER ESPINOSA
21 @ALJADEEDNEWS Al Jadeed Channel
22 @angienassar Angie Nassar
23 @paul_salem Paul Salem
24 @LBCI_News_EN LBCI News English
25 @kellymcevers Kelly McEvers
27 @MTVLebanonNews MTV Lebanon News
28 @TajaddodYouth Tajaddod Youth
29 @HalaJaber Hala Jaber
30 @NadimKoteich Nadim Koteich
31 @samygemayel Samy Gemayel
32 @TheZako Zaher
33 @mayabeydoun Maya Beydoun
34 @monasaliba mona saliba
35 @Racha93halabi Racha El Halabi
36 @daywood Daoud Ibrahim
37 @lebanonnews Lebanon News
38 @NicolaSehnaoui Nicolas Sehnaoui
39 @Dana_Mk Dana Moukhallati
40 @OliviaAlabaster Olivia Alabaster
41 @ziadmajed Ziad Majed
42 @AntaReportNews 3antar
43 @antissa Antoun Issa
44 @FChahine21 Fadi Chahine
45 @DLKhraiche Dana Khraiche
46 @ukinlebanon British Embassy LEB
47 @futuretvnews Future TV :: News
48 @annieslem Annie Slemrod
49 @jessyabouhabib Jessy Abou Habib
50 @MoeAliNay moeali nayel

Written By

Mark Flanagan